Belt Lenyard Lory X SKYLOTEC

Unit #: MWP-O-00063

LORY X (model with carabiner OVALOY TRI and sewn eye) is a work positioner that can be adjusted under loads. The device has a handle for setting it to an optimal working position while in motion. An integrated panic function prevents unintended lurching rope movement if the lever is opened too far. The silver button in the middle of the device can no longer be opened by pressing which prevents unintentional opening during use. All that’s needed to exchange the rope when worn or if needed is an Allan wrench size 2. The rope thickness is 11 mm. LORY X can also be used as a backup safety device or lanyard.

  • Adjustable work positioning rope when under loads
  • Anti-panic function with strong lever
  • Rope can be exchanged using an Allan wrench