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Expertise in wind turbine logistics

Experts in wind turbine logistics, Mywindparts is your strategic partner in the management of supply chain logistics. Mywindparts brings you its expertise in defining relevant stocks and determining minimum safety stock.

What do we do ?

We optimise the performance of your machines by supplying you with spare parts sourced with minimal lead times, and by advising you on your stock balances.

More than a simple distributor, Mywindparts also offers technical support in 

  1. determining both your relevant stock and safety stock,
  2. searching for equivalent parts, substitution parts, be they :

  • electrical (IGBT, contactors, motors, fuses, cables, sensors, electronic cards, etc.)
  • mechanical (ring gears, couplings, brakes, etc.)
  • hydraulic (valves, hydraulic jacks, accumulators, hoses, pumps, etc.).

Moreover, Mywindparts is mindful of the economics of your business and considers that each part can be refurbished for an extended life cycle. In this aim, we have introduced an innovative part repair service .

Mywindparts, the strategic partner for managing your supply chain, proposes its competences in establishing your relevant stocks for each of your storerooms and determining your minimum safety stock levels.

Fully aware of your professional constraints and the stakes involved, we commit to processing all your requests within 48 hours.

Who’s behind Mywindparts ?
Experts of renewable energies and wind power

The Mywindparts team is made up of professionals passionate about renewable energies and wind power, including engineers, purchasing, logistics and sales experts. Supported since 2016 by Sébastien Duchesne, Mywindparts stands out for its expertise and its ability to advise its clients in the treatment of their wind turbine parts.
Mywindparts offers its customers top quality products delivered as quickly as possible thanks to the support of a network of privileged partners, manufacturers of wind turbines and spare parts in France and in Europe.
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