Mywindparts and Skylotech Together for your safety
Mywindparts and Skylotech, personal protective equipment manufacturer and international leader for work at height security, team up to help you oer a full range of PPE.
Because your safety and your team’s one is our priority.
It is around this value tha Mywindparts and Skylotech come together to oer you a range range of individual fall protection equipment high-performance. Mywindparts proposes Skylotec ‘s PPE on permanent stock, sold individually or available in tailor made kits :

  • Wind technician set
  • Rope technician
  • Guest set
Amoung our available products :
  • Loops.
  • Skyboard.
  • Power ascenders.
  • Ignite harnesses.
  • High voltage helmets.
  • Sling Ergogrip.
  • Y lanyards and ork poitioning ropes.
Technical advice, engineering studies, quotations, our sales team will answer all your requests about Skylotech portfolio. Contact our customer service at We will get back to you within 48 hours