Grease Mobil SHC 007 - 16KG

Unit #: MWP-C-00589

Mobil SHC 007 grease provides high performance for your wind turbine bearings.

Mobilith SHC series greases are premium performance greases for a variety of extreme temperature applications. They combine the unique characteristics of a synthetic based liquid with those of a high quality lithium complex thickener.

Synthetic oils are paraffin free and their traction coefficient is low (compared to mineral oils), which gives them excellent low temperature pumpability and very low starting and running torque. These products offer the opportunity to save energy and can help lower operating temperatures in the load areas of roller and ball bearings.

The lithium complex thickener gives the grease excellent adhesiveness, structural stability and water resistance. The greases have very high chemical stability and are formulated from a selected additive system which provides excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion and which provides operational viscosity at high and low temperatures.