Grease Mobilith SHC 460 16KG

Unit #: MWP-C-00495

Mobilith SHC 460 grease ensures high performance for your wind turbine bearings.

SHC 460 WT Mobil Grease is a premium performance lubricant designed to exceed the stringent demands of wind turbines in extreme temperatures. The unique characteristics of the synthetic base oils used combine with those of a high quality lithium complex thickener. The absence of paraffin in synthetic oils and the low traction coefficient ensure excellent pumpability at low temperatures and very low friction torque at start-up and in service.

Thanks to the complex lithium thickener, the grease has adhesive properties, stable structure and good water resistance. The degree of chemical stability of the fat is very high; it is formulated with a special combination of additives to provide excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion at low and high temperatures.