Unit #: MWP-C-00590

KLUBERSYNTH GEM 4-220N oil ensures high performance for your wind turbine equipment.

Klübersynth GEM 4 N is a high performance synthetic polyalphaolefin-based gear and multipurpose oil that meets ever-increasing demands, and the volume of modern gears with higher power. The KlüberComp Lube Technology * ensures, through the selection of high-quality raw materials and additives, a high level of lubricating performance of all components of a gear system.

Klübersynth GEM 4 N offers high resistance to galling even in the presence of strong peak loads, vibrations and oscillations. The excellent wear protection of the gears and bearings allows the expected life of the components to be achieved, resulting in reduced maintenance costs. In the case of high loads, the high resistance to micro-pitting GFT ≥ 10 according to FVA 54/7 (tested at 90, 60 and 40 ° C) of these oils protects the gears against the wear normally associated with this phenomenon.