Memolub Gleitmo 585K 480 CC cartridge + battery

Unit #: MWP-C-00475

The Memolub Gleitmo 585K cartridge ensures high performance for the bearings of your wind turbine.

GLEITMO 585 K is a high quality lithium soap paste based on synthetic oil. It contains a synergistically effective combination of white solid lubricants that cushion shock and reduce wear. GLEITMO 585 K helps prevent fretting corrosion and allows long lubrication intervals. GLEITMO 585 K is used for bearings and lubrication points of all types subject to particularly strict requirements. For lubrication points exposed to the risk of frictional corrosion or exposed to oscillatory movements and vibrations.

The outstanding functionality and high efficiency of MEMOLUB systems are recognized as outstanding strengths for the industry. MEMOLUB is the essential reference on the market for electromechanical lubricators.

The Memolub cartridge has several advantages, including :

- Long-term equipment protection
- Increased machine reliability
- Reduced maintenance costs
- Increase in profitability
- Precise and reliable
- Easy to use
- Safe
- Ecological, etc.