Mobilgear SHC XMP 320 Oil - 1000L

Unit #: MWP-C-00024

Mobilgear SHC XMP 320 oil ensures high performance for your wind turbine equipment.

Mobilgear SHC XMP 320 is a synthetic wind turbine gear oil designed to protect wind turbine gearboxes, including spur, helical, steel-to-steel bevel gears, operating under the extreme conditions typical of wind turbines. This oil is formulated to provide incredible protection against rust and corrosion, in applications where protection against salt water and acidic water is required.

Mobilgear SHC XMP 320 can: reduce energy consumption in many gear drives; protect equipment from seizing; resist the fatigue associated with micropitting; optimize the lubrication of the bearings of the rolling elements of the gearboxes.