Unit #: MWP-SHA-00001

MyWindParts launches into reconditioning!

We offer you a Senvion MM82 nacelle in reconditioning.

The Senvion MM82 offers a nominal power of 2.05 MW. It starts at a wind speed of 3.5 m/s, and stops at a wind speed of 25.0 m/s.

The rotor diameter of the Senvion MM82 is 82.0 m. The rotor surface amounts to 5,281.0 m². The wind turbine has 3 blades. The maximum rotor speed is 17.1 U/min.

The Senvion MM82 is fittet with a spur/planetary gearbox. The transmission manufacturer is Winergy.

In the generator, Senvion SE sets Double Fed Asyn. The manufacturer used a generator for the MM82. The maximum generator speed is 1,800.0 U/min. The voltage amounts to 690.0 V. At the mains frequency, the MM82 is at 50.0 Hz.